Occupational Rehabilitation Programs (CARF Accredited)

Lake Area Physical Therapy & Aquatics is certified to provide occupational rehabilitation programs to help injured workers regain function and prepare them to return to their workplace. As a provider of physical therapy and occupational therapy in North Central Florida since 1986, many local companies and businesses in Bradford, Clay, and Alachua counties have utilized Lake Area Physical Therapy & Aquatics outpatient services for the rehabilitation for their injured workers.

We offer work hardening and work conditioning programs, which are comprehensive and outcome-oriented services designed to minimize the risk and optimize the work capability of our patients. These programs, which include simulated work activities and exercises, provide for the proactive management of injured workers who are transitioning back to work.

Lake Area Physical Therapy & Aquatics also offers functional capacity evaluations (FCE), pre- and post-employment evaluations, job site analysis, and educational seminars for employees. Our team of therapists can schedule the FCE within 24 hours and provide a written report within three work days. Immediate access to physical therapy and occupational therapy is available and extended hours are available to those workers who remain on the job. We also provide pre-employment screenings and job site analysis.

CARF Accreditation

Lake Area Physical Therapy was awarded its fifth consecutive three-year accreditation for General Occupational Rehabilitation Programs (Adults) in March 2012 from the Commission on Accreditation Facilities (CARF). This achievement is an indication of our practice’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the patients we serve. Our services, personnel, and documentation indicate an established pattern of practice excellence.

CARF accreditation has enhanced our relationship with our payors and allowed our communities to keep their residents close to home for their rehabilitation. Our occupational rehabilitation programs in Starke, Keystone Heights, and Melrose, Florida not only serve these locations but the surrounding communities, as well.

For more information about our occupational rehabilitation programs in North Central Florida, contact Lake Area Physical Therapy & Aquatics today at our offices in Melrose, Keystone Heights, or Starke, Florida.

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